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Here at Tri Delta we value expanding our horizons and pushing ourselves to be the best versions of ourselves. We are not afraid to participate in whatever catches our attention and put forward our best foot! We love to adventure, explore, learn, and learn to embody a brave, bold and kind woman however it may be! 


There's nothing we love more than having a great time with our sisters! Here at Tri Delta, there's always something to look forward to no matter what week it is. From exchanges with other sororities and fraternities on campus, events held at venues like Formals and Date Dashes and even weekend trips to cities like Havasu and Las Vegas, you'll never run out of fun opportunities as a member in Tri Delta. Our sisters love to celebrate our amazing academic accomplishments by inviting dates to our quarterly venue formals as well, which include Cocktail in the Fall, Crush Party in the Winter, and Stars and Crescent Formal in the Spring!

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Deltas Abroad

We love seeing all the amazing things our sisters are doing, not only across campus, but across the world! Being in a chapter with so many amazing women makes it that much harder when we have to say goodbye to all of our sisters who take the opportunity to study abroad throughout the year. From spending a quarter at an internship in Italy, to volunteering at a medical clinic in the Dominican Republic to a musical theater intensive in New York, our sisters have truly been anywhere and everywhere! And even though it can be hard to see them leave, we look forward to the day they come back with stories of everything they experienced while away!

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Throughout the year, Tri Delta competes in various intramural sports which include flag football, tennis, volleyball, basketball, softball, ultimate frisbee, and soccer, all run by UCI Campus Recreation. We are always so proud and impressed with our sisters' dedication and talent with not only playing all of these sports, but winning several championships along the way! Whether experienced or new at playing, our girls practice together to build a team of strength and trust. Every game is supported by sisters standing on the sidelines cheering on our teams with posters and chants igniting our Delta Domination!

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